Grab your cup of coffee and head to the Emerald City for occupational therapist jobs. But you don’t have to travel over the rainbow to visit the city of Seattle, Washington. Given the nickname the “Emerald City” for the lush evergreen tress in the surrounding areas Seattle has been known as the “Gateway to Alaska,” “Rainy City,” and “Jet City.” Known as the birthplace of grunge music and coffee houses Seattle will keep you rocking all night long! Starbucks, Seattle’s Best Coffee, and Tully’s were all founded in the city limits. The most recognizable landmark in Seattle is the Space Needle. Built for the 1962 World’s Fair, the Space Needle can withstand winds of up to 200 miles an hour and has an observation deck where you can see for miles on a clear day. And clear days are easier to come by than one might think. Seattle receives less rain annually than New York City. Art museums, quaint shops, and eclectic dinning round out your perfect Seattle experience leaving you with peace in your heart and pep in your step. (That could be from all the coffee, we’re not sure.) Set in an inlet of the Pacific Ocean, Seattle has many outdoor activities such as sailing, skiing, camping, and hiking that can be done year-round during your occupational therapist job assignment.

In Seattle you can dance to the beat of your own drum and find yourself among the tall buildings and quiet streets. There is no right way, only your own way. Come experience it for yourself by searching our Seattle occupational therapist jobs.

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