When you think of California there are certain cities that come to mind. Los Angeles and San Francisco are at the top of the list, but nestled in Santa Clara County, the city of San Jose is making a bid for the top spot. Having grown immensely since the 1960’s, San Jose is now the largest city in Northern California, meaning it has an abundance of occupational therapist jobs. Considered part of the Bay Area, San Jose has a Mediterranean climate. Although it is protected by mountains and therefore receives less rain than its sister cities, the weather is generally pleasant. Perfect, in fact, for outdoor actives like hiking, biking, and camping that can be done virtually rear-round. The downtown area is a breeding ground for creativity. The Children’s Discovery Museum and Tech Museum of Innovation are perfect for expanding young minds. Evidence of the cities recent public art movement can be found throughout the area and are sure to take the imaginations of the young and young at heart on a delightful journey. Downtown is also home to plenty of shops, restaurants, and theaters waiting for you to explore when you take a occupational therapist job here.

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