Lose your heart? Check San Francisco, California. It seems to be a popular place to leave one, especially if you are Tony Bennett. It’s also a popular place for occupational therapist jobs!  San Francisco is known for its beautiful climate and hilly landscape. There are more than 50 hills in the city limits and many have neighborhoods situated up and down them. Lombard Street, “the most winding street in the world,” descends Russian Hill and provides challenges for even the most experienced motorist. San Francisco is full of captivating things to see and fun things to do during your occupational therapist jobs.  Fisherman’s Wharf is on the northern waterfront and is a popular tourist destination. Here you can catch a fish from the ocean or from the guy throwing it at you, and then sit down for a meal at a five-star restaurant for the best seafood in the country. The island of Alcatraz receives over one million visitors a year. See where Al Capone spent his last days or wander the grounds for spectacular views. The Golden Gate Bridge is the most famous suspension bridge in the country. As the sun sets, the colors are reflected off the majestic architecture and into the Golden Gate waters below. In addition to these famous landmarks, don’t forget the countless shops and restaurants that line meandering streets and provide spots meant for just you to find.

Whether you are looking for your heart or beautiful things to fill it, San Francisco is the perfect city for you to find occupational therapist jobs.  Browse our hot San Francisco occupational therapist jobs below.

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