Not only is Phoenix the capitol and largest city in the state of Arizona, it’s the largest capitol city in the United States. This makes it the prime location to find all of your occupational therapist jobs.  Located in a desert region and surrounded by mountains on all sides the city has earned the nickname, “The Valley of the Sun.” Most days, the sun does shine brightly in the city. Daytime temperatures can clime quickly but the mild desert nights make for a welcome change. Long renowned for its authentic Mexican cuisine, Phoenix is a treat for the taste buds. Korean, Brazilian, and French styles mix with the local flare and literally create a tour of nation’s right in your back yard. When it comes to family destinations, Phoenix has some of the best in the state. The Enchanted Island Amusement Park is in the heart of Encanto Park. From trains to bumper boats, this park is fun for all ages. The Phoenix Zoo takes you from a working farm to an African trail and everywhere in between. Come up close and personal with your favorite animals in this unique hands-on environment. Welcome to the Wild West at Rawhide Wild West Town. Take a step back in time and hop on a stagecoach while you dodge gunfights in the street. Interesting shops and cafés make Wild West Town some wild fun for all.

Whether you choose to visit a museum in the heart of the city, or travel horseback in the mountains, there is something for everyone in Phoenix!  Come see for yourself by browse our Phoenix occupational therapist jobs below.

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