Are you ready for some southern charm in your occupational therapist jobs? In Charleston, South Carolina it is important to mind your manners. As the raining “best-mannered city” in the nation, saying please and thank you is expected of you in this captivating southern city. Charleston is located near the Atlantic Ocean and has several rivers running through it. The Charleston Harbor welcomes container ships into one of the five terminals every day. There various goods are loaded and unloaded making port activity one of the leading sources of Charleston’s revenue. Close to the waterfront is an area known as Rainbow Row where beautiful pastel homes line the streets. Like much of Charleston, this area is known for its historic elements that allow us to take a step back in time, catching a glimpse of what life would have been like in the old south. The Exchange and Customs House, Boone Hall, and Patriot’s Point are just a few of the locations where the past comes alive. Modern-day Charleston has turned into a major vacation destination. With five-star hotels, quaint bed and breakfasts, award-winning restaurants, and local boutiques, Charleston has something for everyone.

Weather you are a history buff or have your sights set to the future; Charleston will feel like home to you. Come where old meets new in the most polite southern way. Come to Charleston for your next occupational therapist job.

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