Albuquerque, though not the capitol of New Mexico, is this southwestern state’s largest city.  As the largest city, Albuquerque has tons of occupational therapist jobs. Straddling the waters of the Rio Grande, Albuquerque’s picturesque scenery ranges from painted deserts to tall mountains. Daytime temperatures can become quit warm, just like the authentic Mexican cuisine served throughout the city. Enchiladas, tostados, and the best tacos this side of the border can be found at five-star restaurants and local cafes alike. Through the years, Albuquerque has become a favorite tourist (and occupational therapist) destination. They come to visit Old Town Albuquerque, a historic area of downtown offering ghost tours, sightseeing, and regional shopping. They come to visit Albuquerque Biological Park, a combination of an aquarium, zoo, and botanical gardens. In the fall, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta fills the skies with hundreds of hot air balloons. These monstrous beauties sore high above the city displaying all the colors of the rainbow. The New Mexico State Fair is also held in Albuquerque. For 17 days in September the happy sounds of the midway can be heard permeating throughout the city.

As the sun sets on the Sandia Mountains that run along the eastern side of the city, the world changes color right before your eyes. The beautiful hues found only in nature paint the ground around you and fill your heart with peace. Come where the sunsets are works of art. Come to Albuquerque for your occupational therapist jobs.    

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